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3 Ways I’m Staying Accountable To My Health & Fitness Goals!

Have you seen this meme? 

I was in total agreement with it last month. And it’s now February and I think I need a reset button right about NOW!

Hey, I’m a human mom! Don’t judge me!

So I’m here to give you 3 Ways I’m staying accountable to my health and fitness goals starting today!

  1. Find an accountability partner! My business accountability partner shared with me two awesome apps that you should take advantage of:

With these apps you can put in what habits you want to stay consistent with, like drinking water or cardio. Then you can set reminders to get notifications to your phone. With the Habit Share app, you can add some of your girlfriends to stay motivated and track each other’s consistency!

2. I am a believer that you should definitely indulge the foods you love…just not everyday. Another way I’m staying accountable is through my daughter. I don’t want Alina constantly eating junk and fast food, so to help that I’m making healthier meals for the family! If you need some meal ideas, check out my Meal Highlight on Instagram and Click Here for a FREE recipe that is a favorite in my house!

3. I love a good speech on self love and self care! A lot of times, people look at self care as spa days. That’s not always the case! Taking care of your body is one of the best self care practices you can do. Think of it this way: just 30 mins out of your busy schedule to move your body, can make a better you! I challenge you!

Okay, you got this! You now have technology, a free recipe, and motivation at your finger tips! Let’s do this!

Keep On Blossoming, Mum!

Blossoming Musmie



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