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5 Things You MUST DO During Quarantine SZN!

How are you holding up?!

Although I’ve been having some severe withdrawal from Target, we are surging! I think it’s safe to say that Target will be our FIRST stop when this stay at home order is lifted!

I’ve had a lot of time to reflect being home for several weeks now and I feel like these things have been crucial and has keep me sane! It looks like some of us will be on lock down for another month or two so I figured I’d share!

1. Staying Hydrated! I tend to be very sluggish throughout the day running around with Alina (due to low B12 and Vitamin D), so to keep my muscles hydrated and to give my body a cleanse, I’ve been drinking lemon water. If you have lemons, blueberries, cucumbers, mint or ginger around the house, try these:

2. Exercise! I’ve created an at home gym on my balcony and it’s been good for me 🙄 minus the pollen. I’m staying consistent by looking out the window and seeing all my equipment looking lonely. I spend one hour outside doing simple workouts so that I don’t become a couch potato. Repeat after me! These quarantine snacks will not stick to me!

3. Educate Yourself! I’m learning something new EVERYDAY. Whether it’s reading a book, watching the news, or listening to podcast. This pass week, I’ve really been educating myself on stocks since this COVID-19 outbreak and I even opened up my own Robinhood account. So far I’ve invested in travel and entertainment companies because those stocks are low and will rise when this passes. Just imagine how everyone will be when this stay at home order is lifted! Once I get wind of a company with a cure for the virus, I will definitely invest there as well. Here’s the link to Robinhood for anybody who wants to get started with little money and they give you a FREE stock when you sign up:

4. Communicate With Your Loved Ones. I try to talk to as much of my family as I can because you just don’t know! Some of my family members are essential, from doctors to news anchors and they go out every single day. Take time throughout the day to thank those who are risking their lives whether it’s through messages, calls or thank you cards. Lina and I made thank you cards and made it on the news in Baton Rouge!

Alina’s picture made it on WBRZ New 2! She was making a Thank You Card! P.S. She’s at the end!

5. Focus on Growth! I’m going to be honest with you…I was supposed to be launching my first product for moms April 1st, 2020…no joke! But when things happen in your life, like #ronaszn, you have to just roll with the punches life gives you. So instead of being upset that I haven’t reached one of my biggest goal, I am growing in other areas! I read something yesterday that touched my soul and I want to share it with you!

You’d be surprised at what you are capable of with a little focus during this time! I definitely am on my end!

Keep On Blossoming, Mum!

Blossoming Musmie



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