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Hi! I’m Tay!

Welcome to my introverted corner! I created Blossoming Mumsie to be primarily a mum blog to new mums, old ones, planning to be, whatever you may be! I had so many unanswered questions while I was pregnant and even after I had my little one.  The good news is that I cover much more than mum stuff! I’m diving into everything baby, what my lifestyle has become being a mumpreneur and more. I would love for you to come to this blog and feel at home. My goal is to answer the unknown and unanswered questions!
I’m from Baton Rouge, LA, but currently live in Atlanta, Georgia! I’m 26 years old and I’m and I went to Louisiana State University (Geaux Tigers!) where I studied Biological Sciences! After I graduated with a B.S., I moved to Clinton, Mississippi briefly to obtain an M.S. in Biological Sciences.
My ultimate goal was to become an Orthopedic Surgeon, but I developed a curiosity for business while getting my Masters.
Getting ready for bed has to be my favorite part of the day! Why? If you haven’t experienced the moment when your baby is sound asleep in their crib and you have the night all to yourself (lol or a few hours) it is the best feeling EVVVERRR! As I write this Alina is OUT FOR THE NIGHT!
My hobbies include traveling (we do this a lot!), working out, singing, and searching for great shows of Netflix!
I’m an organizing and planning FREAK! Seriously…I used to PLAN to study for an exam…and then, I’d organize my notes. Like major color coding and notecards. And by the time I was done, I was too exhausted to study!
I’m such an introvert! So what better way to express myself as a mum to you all then by writing, and of course showing you too!


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