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How To Keep Track of Your 2020 Highlights in 3 Easy Steps!

Happy New Year!

Keeping track of milestones that happen in 366 days can be A LOT. This year I wanted to take it upon myself to track all the awesome things that will in fact happen…so I’m doing a challenge! It’s simple AND easy!

So how does it work?!

Start Date: January 1st, 2020

Items Needed:

  • Notecards (cut in half)
  • Mason Jar (one with a lid)


(1) Starting January 1st, write on a notecard a good thing that happened (yes it can be more than one)! This can be different for everyone. It can be business related, family based, etc!

P.S. Some people write on a notecard once a week, others whenever something good happens. To make it more fun when reflecting, write the date in which it happened!

(2) Fold the notecard up and put in the jar.

(3) On December 31, 2020, empty the mason jar and read about how amazing 2020 has been for you and/or your business!

Okay let’s get to WERK!

Here’s to a wonderful and prosperous New Year!

Keep On Blossoming, Mum!

Blossoming Musmie



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