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They’re Just Scars

Tiger stripes. Battle wounds. Stretch marks. Incisions. Saggy boobs! I have them all. I’m not going to sit here and lie about how happy I am with my body after giving birth. But, I tell myself every day, they’re just scars, Tay!

I remember looking at my belly weeks before Alina came and saying I might come out of this stretch mark free! Nope. That didn’t happen. I had this theory that since I wasn’t skinny pre-pregnancy, not much would change with the growth of my belly. I’ve always had stretch marks. I’m from Louisiana 🤷🏾‍♀️ and I don’t live to eat, I eat to live! My chubby days existed when I was in elementary and middle school. More like chubby years! So that’s when my stretch marks developed!

All of those stretch marks took on another life of stretching those last few weeks before Alina came! Omg, I wanted to cry. They grew longer. Darkened. They even started raising.

I tried stretch mark creams, lotion, oils, everything and I had no luck. The only thing I got out of the stretch mark cream was a nasty rash across my belly. A friend of mine used wrinkle creams and masks and didn’t have any!

Some of you either have experienced this several times, or you are checking your tummy and thighs night and day! Some of you will be or have been blessed not to get a SINGLE stretch!

When I’m feeling down about my body (RIP crop tops and cute swimsuits) here are 3 Things I Say To Lighten My Mood!

(1) I stand in the bathroom mirror and say, “Tay, they’re just scars…so what?!”

(2) I look at my daughter and think, the only way I could have grown that baby was to stretch and stretch so that she could be comfortable and healthy!

(3) Love yourself. You’re the same person. And there are others just like you! Your body is just telling others your story.

Keep On Blossoming, Mum!

Blossoming Musmie



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