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Why You Shouldn’t Let A Day Go By Without Singing To Your Little One

If you aren’t currently tracking a growing baby, you’ve probably heard or remember a baby can start hearing around 18 weeks! From the moment I found out a baby could hear my voice, I sang to her every night in the tub. Lol, I know what you’re thinking! To this day I still hate singing in front of anyone and the tub was my safe zone.

One song I had on repeat and sang very often was “Known” by Tauren Wells. I was going through a difficult time during my pregnancy and felt so alone, but one day while driving the song came on the radio and I fell in love. Alina has heard it so many times. So much it was on my Top 25 Most Played in my Apple Music account. Now that list is occupied by lullabies!

But the funny thing is, that’s not the song that did it for her. The song that she absolutely loved the most. One day, I was sitting in the living room of my parents home. They were out getting groceries so it was just Alina and I. I don’t know what brought me to search this song. My dad has texted me a link to it months before but that day, in particular, it popped in my mind. I searched, “Look Up Child” by Lauren Daigle and pressed play. I had no idea the words of the song but it was so easy to catch on so by the 3rd time, I was singing it and Alina was just smiling and mesmerized.

We hit the road a few days later to go back home to Atlanta. Now, typically Alina is the quietest baby on the road, or used to be! I barely heard a peep from her because was always asleep! But this particular drive home was rough. She cried and cried and cried! I tried everything from talking to hear to playing her favorite lullabies to calm her. I called my parents feeling overwhelmed because I couldn’t pull over. I was stuck in traffic for a good hour. Crawling at 10 mph. I thought long and hard and rushed them off the phone and put on Look Up Child and after a few whines, she was silent. I could see her in the mirror just looking around. She looked at peace too.

Since that day, anytime she might be upset or tired, I sing her favorite song. The last time I sang in front of anyone was at my friend’s wedding. I had a good 5 songs to sing and ended with Andrea Bocelli & Celine Dion’s “Time To Say Goodbye”. I laugh because I called that my coming out of retirement moment. But Alina truly has brought me out of retirement.

Even if your voice is terrible, it’s so comforting for them to hear your voice because they love you so much. I’d like to think she feels safe, at peace, loved, all of the above when I sing to her. Soon, they’ll be singing along with you!

So here are a few videos or me singing or playing Look Up Child! Enjoy!

P.S. Keep On Blossoming, Mum!

Blossoming Musmie



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